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One on one mentorship with VIM's Shannon Gillen and Jason Cianciulli.

  • 2 hr
  • 5 Online Sessions

Service Description

Personalized one on one online mentorship with VIM VIGOR's Shannon Gillen and Jason Cianciulli. 5 weekly sessions (2 hr each session) Friday evenings 8pm-10pm EST Additional times are possible, please inquire. These sessions are geared towards tapping into and developing each artist's performance assets. We will dig into personal story, how it relates to daily practice, and the ways in which it can be a resource to creative efforts. We will also activate perspective, sharing different methods we use to switch out the lens, allowing one to view creative action in new ways. Each artist will find themselves in situations that call upon their bodies to employ movement, voice and text to make sense of compositional possibilities. Our goal is to help you to identify areas of research and to create long-term plans for discovery. This process will be immersive and challenging - delving deep into the YOU of your practice. We consider this mentorship valuable to performers from all backgrounds who want to deepen their practice (movement, theater and fine arts practitioners are welcome). ​ Shannon or Jason (or both) will guide each session. Our performance mentorship has three chapters of research. Each chapter includes five sessions. CHAPTER ONE: SELF CYCLE CHAPTER TWO: NATURE CYCLE CHAPTER THREE: DREAM (UNCONSCIOUS TERRAIN) CYCLE

Contact Details

Email to connect.

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